[about mprovs]

mprovs are something I found on various other fanfic pages that I thought was pretty fun and challenging for a fic writer. Someone (usually one of my friends or my girls at the Nsync Galaxy Fan Board) gives me a handful of words, and I write a short story, incorporating each of the words. I try to look at the words only once, then immediately write a story - so like trying to beat the clock. I never think much about the story, I just write what first comes to mind, and I don't go back an edit the story, except to correct spelling. I like mprovs because they are short, fun and easy. And, in my case, I can make them as dark, menacing, depressing, sexual or crazy as I want (pretty different from my normal fic). That's the whole point. So, read a few, enjoy them. If you like, send me an email with a 3-6 words, and maybe I'll write one for you.