[chapter thirteen]

"So, do we get to talk about it now?" Junior asked, shifting on his couch slightly, wincing as his knee bent.

Fiona flitted around the room, adjusting pillows and refilling Junior's glass. To no one's surprise, the wrecked #8 did not return to the track, and DEI had flown Junior, the Brew Crew and Fiona home as soon as Junior was released from the care center. Fiona had been mothering him the whole way home, and was determined to make him comfortable. "Fi, stop. Sit down."

"Sorry." She apologized, then sat across from him gingerly, trying not to jostle his leg.

"Talk to me." Junior asked. "You promised. I even wrecked so we could come home sooner and talk." He winked and she laughed.

"I left him." Fiona said quietly. "I had to." Junior held his breath and waited for her to continue. "We weren't working anymore. And besides, I'd fallen for someone else." She blushed and looked away.

"So the other night…" Junior paused. "Listen to me. I care about you. I want to be with you. It's been killing me to think the other night was just a…mistake. A night you wanted to forget."

"No. It's not." Fiona said. "I just had to work through a few things. And I still do. I still have to figure out what's going to happen at DEI."

"Easy. You keep doing what you're doing, but with fringe benefits. You get to sleep with me." Junior grinned broadly, and Fiona threw a pillow at his face.

"What if we break up next week? Then what about my job?" Fiona asked.

"What if we don't?" Junior countered.

"What if we get sick of each other?" Fiona tried again.

"What if we don't?" Junior argued.

"What if…" Fiona began.

"Fi, shut up." Junior smiled. "Just shut up." He grabbed her hand and pulled her close, dropping a kiss on her nose. "I want you. I want you as my girl, and as my publicist. But if I had to choose, I'd want you to be my girl. But let's just not make me choose, okay? I'll talk to Jade, and if anyone has a problem with us, they can talk to me. So don't worry about your job." He said, nibbling on her ear.

"This directly contradicts all the rules I set up the day I met you." Fiona murmured. "I said no flirting…no butt grabbing…"

"I haven't grabbed your butt once." Junior muttered. "Though, now that you mention it…"

"I dare ya, J. I dare ya."