[jimmie johnson, watermelon, tie, leather, lipgloss, cowboy hat]

She slammed him against the front door as it clicked shut, the force of her body pressed against his forcing the air from his lungs in a gust. Her lips scorched over his lips, his cheeks, his neck…oh god, that spot…

He moaned and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her closer as she kissed over that tender spot at the base of his neck. God, he loved that.

"You. Look. So. Fucking. Hot. In. Those." She said between nips and nibbles. "Why didn't I put you in leather pants ages ago?"

"You were busy trying to put me in a cowboy hat so I'd look more like a Texan like you." He murmured in return as she slid his shirt off his shoulders and watched it puddle on the floor.

"You loved it." She said evilly. "And you looked so damn cute."

"I don't want to be cute in a cowboy hat." He said like a little boy before he grabbed her ass and lifted her against him, rubbing her against him. She moaned as he gasped from the contact of their bodies.

"Good. Because you are nothing but fucking hot right now." She said, yanking on his hand. "C'mon."

"Where are we going?" He said with a grin as she practically dragged him up the stairs.

"Three guesses." She said over her shoulder.

He licked his dry lips, suddenly uneasy. He tasted like her watermelon lipgloss, like vodka, like … honey. This was so unlike him, and yet … this was the hottest night of his life – the grinding and dancing on the dance floor, the groping in the darkened hallway, the way she stroked him through said leather pants in the car … God, he wanted her.

And apparently, she wanted him, he thought as she pushed him onto the king sized bed and straddled his hips. "Be a good boy and put this on." She murmured in his ear and he tensed slightly. In her hand was a silk neck tie, which she swung from side to side, teasing him.

"I … uh … " He couldn't seem to form rational thought. He never knew it could be like this … he'd never been like this …

She smiled like the Cheshire cat. "Do you trust me?" She said, sliding her hands behind his head, laying the tie across his eyes, blocking out the light. "Do you?"

"I … yes." He said, submissive and meek. He could felt the weight, the heat of her body pressing against his. "Yes. Please." He begged as she ground against him.

"I'm going to make you beg." She said evilly. "I'm going to make you fucking beg for me."

"Please … " he said. "Please."

"Say it." She spat.

"What?" He asked, uncertain, anxious.

"Fucking say it. Say how much you want me. Say you want me to fuck you. Say you have been hard all night thinking about this. Say you want to be inside me."

"I … I … " Jimmie muttered, as he felt her weight shift off of his hips, away from him. He felt a sudden tug on one hand as she tied him swiftly to the bed. He felt temporary panic, until he felt her lips against his ear.

"Trust me." She said softly. "I won't hurt you. I just want to be the boss tonight." She murmured, stroking his chest gently.

He nodded, finally understanding the game. He winced slightly as she tugged roughly on his chest hair.

"Fucking say it." She said harshly.

"I want you inside me. Now." He said, his voice husky, commanding. "Now." He insisted.

She could only grin in the dark.