[chapter eleven]

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"Okay." Jimmie agreed after a long silence that stretched between them for eons. "I want to learn. Or at least understand what I'm capable…what's possible."

Vrai nodded. "I'll go easy on you, I promise." She said with a teasing grin, eliciting an answering smile from Jimmie.

"Should we do a love spell?" Jimmie asked, looking at her with curious eyes.

Vrai shook her head quickly. "No, I don't think so. I don't think we need anything more powerful or binding than what is already between us. What we have is…it's not a spell. And we certainly don't need to be calling on that power."

Jimmie nodded slowly, beginning to understand. "Then what?"

Vrai thought for a long moment. "Jimmie…you've had an emotional few days. Maybe it would be better if we just let this be…maybe I should just leave, give you some space and some time to figure things out…really figure them out. Now might not be the best time to…"

"No." Jimmie said, his voice loud in the darkness. "Stay." He paused, his voice softer. "Please."

Vrai sighed and nodded, still believing in her heart that time and space were more what Jimmie needed. But he looked so determined…She looked at him, her eyes meeting his. "How about a simple harnessing spell? Do you have your crystal or stones or anything?"

Jimmie got one of the stones from his pocket. "Here." He said, trying to give it to her.

She shook her head. "You keep it. We're going to infuse that stone with your power, give you something tangible to hold on to while you learn. Okay?"

"Uh…okay." Jimmie agreed. Vrai gestured for him to stand up and he did, standing beside her in the darkness and feeling the wind on his face.

"I'm going to invoke the winds for you, and then you are going to recite a spell for your power. You are going to imagine your stone filling with your power, you are going to imagine a light filling you from within. Your arms should be open to the moon, your mind and heart clear when you do this. When you need your power, this stone will keep it for you. Do you understand?" Vrai said solemnly.

Jimmie nodded, and she gave him the words he would say in a few minutes. He memorized them, committing them to memory for when he would need them. Vrai turned him until he was facing east, the wind hitting his face, then she turned to the north.

Raising her hands in the air, she recited the words she had said a thousand times before. "Winds of the North! Rushing and mighty! Aid me in my magical work! Winds of the East! Dazzling and bright! Aid me in my magical work! Winds of the South! Fiery and radiant! Aid me in my magical work! Winds of the West! Gentle and buoyant! Aid me in my magical work!" As she called each wind, she turned to face it, her arms outstretched, her face to the sky.

Vrai waited for a few moments, feeling the rush of power, then gestured to Jimmie to begin.

Jimmie stood silent and still for a long moment, then without thought, threw his arms open and looked up at the moon. He had thought he would feel silly doing this, saying these words, but instead, he felt…

Powerful. Connected. Right.

"This light is presence. This light is power. It fills me until I am presence. Until I am power."

Jimmie could feel the power lighting him inside, could feel his gathered strength pouring into the stone at his feet. He could feel the wind at his face, could feel the calling of the earth, air, fire and water to him as he called for this power.

God, what a rush.

After a long moment, his arms fell to his sides and he took a shuddering breath. After a moment, he looked over at Vrai, who was smiling beatifically.

"That was…perfect." Vrai said softly, rubbing away the goose bumps on her arms that had appeared when Jimmie's power had prickled over her. "I told you that you were a natural warlock, that you could call power at your will. Now do you believe me?"

And he did.

chapter twelve