[chapter thirteen]

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"Whatcha got there, bud?" Chad asked, noting the bag Jimmie was toting out to his car from the shop. "Been shopping? You know, my birthday is coming up…" Chad grinned and Jimmie flipped him the finger good-naturedly.

"Not for you. I just…uh…picked up a few books at the bookstore the other day, and keep forgetting to take them home." Jimmie said sheepishly.

Chad nodded gravely. "Didn't even know you knew how to read, man."

With another not-so-friendly finger gesture, Jimmie said goodbye to his friend and clambered into his Tahoe, tossing the bag of books into the passenger seat. In truth, he had snuck into a local bookstore and stalked out with a huge bag full of every book he could find on witchcraft, practices, spells and the like. Vrai's store was still closed, and he'd be damned if he would walk around completely ignorant when he could at least start teaching himself.

Jimmie winced as he pictured Vrai, feeling her absence like a hole in his chest. Dammit, he needed her, and she had left him all alone. Dammit.

An hour later, Jimmie was thumbing through one of his books, reading about divination, which sounded like something he needed. It was described as an act one performs alone to make known that which was unknown. If that wasn't perfect for him, he didn't know what was.

Following the instructions laid out in the book, Jimmie sought out what he needed to know in his mind.

Whether Vrai was okay. Whether they would be together. Whether they would be happy.

With a deep sigh of relief, Jimmie saw the images in his mind and knew them to be right. She was fine, they would be together and would be happy. He knew divination was imperfect and was just a reflection of possible events, but the images that flashed were too real to be possible.

Those visions were the future.

God, maybe he really was psychic and could see things before they happened.

Jimmie smiled to himself when he acknowledged that that fact no longer freaked him out.

Flipping to another page in his book, Jimmie read through the section on communicating with another person - sharing thoughts or sending messages. He knew Vrai had done it to him before, and he wondered if she had ever received messages back from him. In truth, he felt that he had gotten through to her before, but she had never told him one way or another. He decided it was time to try it again - this time with a little instruction from the book he held in his hand.

Closing his eyes after scanning the page one last time, Jimmie concentrated on the message he wanted to send, concentrated on at least making contact with Vrai to see that she was indeed safe and alright. With slow, steady breaths, Jimmie tried again and again to make contact.

He could feel his temper rising as he sat in the darkness.

Every time he felt that he had reached her, was about to break through, it was as though a wall was going up in his mind, blocking him from making contact. His power kept getting thrown back at him, no matter how much he concentrated on getting through. He knew she was blocking him with her own power, and it pissed him off.

After several tries, Jimmie gave up and opened his eyes.

At least he knew she was alright enough to throw his fucking power back in his face. That had to count for something.

But that didn't make her absence any easier to take.

Muttering to himself, Jimmie stacked up his books, snapped off the lights and stormed up to bed, where he tossed and turned until dreams of power, of Vrai, of sex, of magic, of future events, of kissing, of being a warlock haunted him until morning.

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