[chapter five]

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Jimmie marched towards the front door of her shop - he was a man on a mission.

He had to talk to Vrai again.

Even though Chad would no doubt kick his ass for being absent from the shop only a few days before Martinsville, he had to talk to her. Forget racing - he had Mother Nature and magic to deal with.

He thought he had it figured out - she had put a love spell on him. It was the only explanation that made sense.

For why he couldn't stop thinking about her. For why he kept seeing things in a new light. For why he'd awoken the morning after the blackout with memories of another sexy dream about her - two erotic dreams in one night about the same woman had to be a record for him.

Jimmie threw open the shop door and stormed inside, suddenly curbing his outburst when he saw that Vrai was with other customers. Impatiently, he waited as they paid for their purchases and left the shop. "Blessed be. You said you would be back." Vrai said by way of greeting as he stalked over to her.

"Did you do it?" He asked quickly. "Did you put a damn love spell on me?"

Vrai stepped back from him, her eyes filled with confusion and a flare of anger. "Jimmie…no. Absolutely not. I told you - spells are cast out of need and knowledge. Love spells, above all others, are very dangerous, especially if done without the other party's knowledge. They can backfire too easily. I would never, never do that. How can you accuse me of such a thing?"

Jimmie squeezed his eyes shut and took a deep breath, feeling the anger drain from his shoulders. "I'm sorry…I just…god, I don't know what's…" He fought to articulate his thoughts, and finding no words, simply trailed off with Vrai looking at him expectantly.

"Jimmie…" She said softly, putting a hand on his arm. "What's going on? Why would you think that? We hardly know each other."

"That's the problem." He whispered. "I don't know you, but I keep thinking about you."

Vrai gave him a teasing smile. "So you assumed it to be a magic spell, rather than my great smile or cute hairdo?"

Jimmie laughed, the last of the tension draining from him. "Sorry." He said with an apologetic smile. "No offense."

"None taken." Vrai said, easing his mind. "There is something though…"

"What?" Jimmie asked quickly.

"I felt you calling me last night." Vrai said timidly. "As though you were lost. Did you call me?" She had been confused the night before when she had felt him tugging at the recesses of her mind, calling for direction in the darkness.

Jimmie felt a chill climb his spine, remembering the confidence, the guidance he had felt in walking through his darkened house the night before. "Maybe." He admitted softly. "I was…it was dark and I was…"

"I felt it." Vrai said calmly. "I felt you calling me, and I guided you. Did you feel it?"

"Yeah." He said. "I felt it."

Vrai nodded but said nothing.

"Do…are dreams connected to magic?" Jimmie asked.

Vrai considered for a long moment. "They can be. They can be windows into desires or needs - they are often signposts for spells you need to cast in the future, or that you have cast in the past. Are you having telling dreams?"

Jimmie shook his head vehemently. "Nope. No dreams here."

Vrai nodded again, trying to hide her amusement at his denial. "How about this…I give you my phone number, and if you have questions, you can call, yes?"

"Okay." Jimmie said, taking the piece of paper on which she had scrawled her name and number. "Gerritson. Vrai Gerritson. That's pretty."

"Thank you." Vrai said with a hint of a blush.

"One more question." Jimmie ventured. "I know you told me colours are important to spells and magic. What does red mean? Is red bad?" He asked, thinking of the red candle he had used the night before, without meaning to incur any sort of trait from it. It had dawned on him that perhaps he had cast a spell with it, without ever knowing it.

"Red?" Vrai repeated. "Red isn't bad at all. Red is the colour of passion, energy, enthusiasm, and courage. Oh, and of sexual love. Why?"

"No reason." Jimmie said, his face flushing as he realized the connection between his mini-séance and his nighttime dream state. "No reason at all."

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