[chapter two]

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"So, Junior." Jay said with his trademark grin. "Welcome to the offseason. How's it feel?"

Junior smiled and leaned into the camel colored couch. "Great, man. It was a long season, and I'm ready to kick back a little before we get started again."

"What are your offseason plans?" Jay asked. "Any wild vacations, or is it all work and no play in the DEI garage?"

Junior laughed affably. "Nothing too wild, I don't think. I dunno, man…maybe find me a girl, do some huntin', I know we've got testing a lot, and just hang out."

"Find you a girl?" Jay quoted incredulously. "Now, I'm quite the ladies man, but you have me beat. Every girl in here is dying to be Mrs. Junior. How can you not have a girlfriend?"

Junior shrugged and smiled tightly. "Ain't found the right one yet, I guess. She'll come along. I get a lot of offers, but they ain't all the right girl."

"What is the right girl?" Jay teased with a smile.

"Well, she's gotta be hot." Junior laughed.

"And there you go, girls." Jay said in his loud voice. "You gotta be hot. Junior can be reached at 1-800 I'm-A-Cute-Racecar-Driver. Can I call you cute?" Jay joked, looking over at Junior, noting the sign for a commercial break from his floor manager.

"Not on the first date, Jay." Junior shot back, proud of his comeback.

"Stick around, Junior, and sit with me for our next guest." Jay said, turning back to camera 2. "Coming up, new author and psychologist Alana Bickley. And hey, she's hot. Maybe it's a love connection." Jay boomed, glancing at Junior teasingly. "Come on back."

Junior took a deep breath and slowly blew it out as the red light on the camera disappeared. "Pickin' on me, man." Junior said with a grin for Jay.

"I couldn't resist." Jay answered. "Thanks for staying out here…I know everyone can't get enough of you in two minutes, so I thought it better for the audience to keep you visible. I don't want any riots in my studio." He said with a wink.

"Shut up, man." Junior blushed, daring to glance out at the audience for a second. Jay was right…it was almost entirely comprised of women. Junior blushed further and tried to put on his best cocky face as the floor manager counted them back from commercial.

"Welcome back!" Jay said on cue. "It's my pleasure to introduce Alana Bickley. She's a psychologist and relationship specialist, and is promoting her new book 'Independent Women and the Men Who Love Them'. Please welcome Alana Bickley!"

Junior felt his mouth go dry as Alana swept onto the stage, kissed Jay on the cheek and sat down right beside him.

'Independent Women and the Men Who Love Them?' Junior thought with a mental eye roll. How could someone so hot be so backwards when it came to relationships?

chapter three